Payment Gateways & Interchange Management

interchange_managementApproximately 90% of your cost for payment acceptance fees goes directly to the card issuing banks in the form of interchange fees. Interchange fees can fluctuate due to a multitude of factors. For example:

  • There are many card types issued to consumers having a range of rates between 1% & 3% that are assessed depending on the card type presented
  • Inefficient processing (not passing the qualification requirements through the interchange system)
  • Operational and technical errors at the merchant level

Travel Payments Direct, as your Interchange Management Specialty Processor, can help mitigate those interchange fees and create savings opportunities for you by aggressively and proactively managing the interchange and pricing tables at our processor level guiding you toward a more efficient and profitable processing environment.

Payment Gateways:

We understand businesses are different and have unique needs so we offer multiple payment gateway solutions. All three payment gateways can  be configured to work with eCommerce and brick & mortar businesses.

Authorize.Net enables merchants to process card-present, card-not-present, mail-order and mobile payments through a wide range of payment gateway solutions. Merchants have the ability to utilize an online virtual terminal as well as multiple API solutions that enable them to integrate the Authorize.Net gateway with any existing POS or web-based service. By providing their Advanced Fraud Protection Suite, merchants have the ability to customize rule-based filters based on their specific business that will identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.

PayTrace provides the ability to process credit and debit card, gift card, and e-check transactions over a secure internet connection via a hosted-payment page or virtual terminal interface. They also provide an API solution which can be used to integrate the online payment gateway with any existing third-party software or web service as well as the ability to establish a card-present environment. Additionally, PayTrace has a built-in feature specially designed to manage corporate and purchasing cards by providing the merchant with a notification system that alerts the user that they may have transactions waiting to be batched that may benefit from additional information being entered, saving significant processing costs.

Easy Pay
Easy Pay is a proprietary payment gateway that enables merchants to process credit and debit card transactions manually via a online virtual terminal or, card-present transactions though our API solution. With our in-house development team, Easy Pay provides the ability to develop a fully customizable processing solution that can be integrated with any third-party software or web-based service. With the Easy Pay PCI certified connection method, third-party software service providers are able to provide the added functionality of a POS solution without the additional cost or certifications required for PCI-DSS or PA-DSS compliance.

NMI has built more revenue generating products than almost any Gateway in the industry. From the virtual terminal and mobile payments to product bundles like the “Merchant Defender” (technology that allows merchants to avoid fraud) we do our best to provide Partners with simple solutions that resolve complicated issues.

That’s what makes us jump out of bed every morning. We enjoy building products that provide amazing value. The variety of products you’ll be able offer will work with all types of merchants – from sole proprietors to enterprise level merchants.

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