The Travel Payments Direct Platform

Today’s traditional payment platforms are built on COBOL programming and legacy mainframes. They’re 1960’ technologies. This makes them highly inflexible and unable to adapt to the fast-changing retail landscape.

Travel Payments Direct’s platform is built on current state-of-the-art technology. That gives Travel Payments Direct tremendous features, functionality and flexibility to compete rapidly and efficiently on a global scale.

Travel Payments Direct’s system supports 188-currencies, 44-languages (and rising), multi-currency, dynamic currency conversion, and many other “bells and whistles” that allow Travel Payments Direct to normalize data under ONE PLATFORM anywhere in the world.

Current market standards that force merchants to establish processing agreements (separate and apart) within each region causes language barrier reporting issues and cost control measures.

We offer an elegantly simple, smart solution to this dilemma for the global merchant.

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