High Risk Merchant Account Industries

  • Travel, Hotels and Resortsbeach
  • TimeShares
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Direct Response


Key Benefits of Getting a Travel Merchant Account from Travel Payments Direct:

Travel Payments Direct offers online payment gateways with the ability of having a virtual terminal to process Internet/MOTO credit and debit card transactions.

Domestic and international accounts are available through our banking partners around the world. Accounts are available in multiple currencies and direct MID(s).

Travel merchants typically struggle to find a stable and long term solution to accept and process credit/debit cards. Many banks and underwriters do not handle travel related businesses due to the delay between the customer purchase their tickets/accommodations, or when they actually travel.

Travel Payments Direct can meet all your travel business processing needs including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, checks by phone/Internet and, Check 21 processing.

If you are one of the following types of travel businesses: We have you covered!

  • Travel Agency
  • Online Travel Booking
  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Time Share Related Businesses
  • Online Airline Booking


Travel Payments Direct merchant accounts are offered utilizing technologies that will allow your timeshare business to accept credit or debit card payments in-person, over the internet, or by phone.

Travel Payments Direct will cover both your online and offline transactions. This will allow your businesses to process payments in-house, over the phone, and the internet. For phone transactions this will require use of a Virtual terminal which your customer will provide their card details and verbally authorize the transaction over the phone.

Internet transactions will usually require a payment gateway that will take the card details, process the payment, and then confirm to your timeshare website that the card has been charged.

Due to the high value of timeshare transactions it is also very important to ensure that we provide your business with a sophisticated and integrated fraud detection gateway.

Travel Payments Direct offers a gateway that will decrease fraudulent transactions, provide the most stringent PCI security standards, and store valuable customer transaction data for future reference and reporting. Travel Payments Direct has your business covered.


Travel Payments Direct can meet all your nutraceutical business processing needs including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, checks by phone/Internet and Check 21 processing.

Nutraceutical products also know as “nutra” products are known as some of the following: Raspberry ketone, African mango, Hydro collagen, Colon cleanse, Acai berry, Green coffee extract to mention a few, offer cures and benefits to countless people.

Direct Response

If you operate an online casino, online gaming website, or anything that is related to your online gaming or gambling , Travel Payments Direct has a solution for you!

Shopping for a Better Rate?

If you already have a merchant account for your cash advance loan or check cashing business and are shopping for a better rate, email a recent statement to Chances are we can save you as much as 20% over your current credit card processor.

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