Travel Payments Direct merchant accounts are offered utilizing technologies that will allow your timeshare business to accept credit or debit card payments both in-person and over the internet or by phone.a9e70d88de5ae1a645d0b523580e2a25

Travel Payments Direct will cover both your online and offline transactions. This can allow your businesses to process payments both in-house, on the phone and over the internet. For phone transactions this will require use of a Virtual terminal for which they provide their card details and verbally authorize a transaction over the phone.

Internet transactions will usually require a payment gateway that will take the card details, process payment, and confirm to your timeshare website that the card has been charged.

Due to the high value of timeshare transactions it is also very important to ensure that we provide your business a sophisticated and integrated fraud detection gateway.

Travel Payments Direct offers a fantastic gateway that will decrease fraudulent transactions, provide the most stringent PCI security standards, and store valuable customer transaction data for future reference and reporting. Travel Payments Direct has your business covered.

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