Top Amenities Chinese Look for in a Hotel


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Top Amenities Chinese Look for in a Hotel

Roughly 80% of all Chinese tourists research hotels online before booking. Attract China recently interviewed independent Chinese tourists coming to America about the most important amenities they look for in a hotel. Find the results below:

image11. Free Wifi

Today, Chinese are more likely to travel independently rather than in packaged groups. They rely on websites and online forums to make decisions, and actively update social media during their travel. So, free wifi throughout the hotel has always been rated as the No.1 requirement by Chinese tourists.

image22. China UnionPay Acceptance

China UnionPay is China’s largest electronic payment network, and is dominant amongst Chinese tourists [See Attract China’s Top 10 Things You Need to Know about UnionPay Here]. Accepting China UnionPay cards is the most important thing that a hotel can offer its Chinese guests, and telling them in advance is very helpful.

image33. Slippers

In China, you can find disposable slippers in every hotel room. When Chinese travel abroad, they assume that hotels offer complimentary slippers. As a result, American hotels that have been targeting Chinese tourists put a pair of disposable slippers next to each bed in their guestrooms.

 image44. Teakettle

Teakettles in hotel rooms are essential to make Chinese visitors at ease. Unlike Americans who like to drink iced water, Chinese prefer hot water which they believe is good for their health. Many Chinese tourists coming to the U.S. complain that without a teakettle, they can only make hot water using a coffee machine. Some others suggest that American hotels should provide not only coffee but also some herbal tea and milk jiggers, similar to what many European hotels do.

image55. Translated Materials

To attract more independent Chinese tourists, many hotels add Chinese written materials to their hotel rooms, including Chinese language newspapers, welcome materials in Mandarin, as well as translated travel guide books. Some hotels have Chinese language maps and shopping guides available at Concierge desk.

 image66. Chinese TV Channels

Chinese programming on TV is a big plus for hotels who are trying to attract Chinese tourists. After a whole day of sightseeing, Chinese tourists are exhausted, but are not yet ready for bed. Many prefer to lie down and enjoy some popular TV shows in their native language.

image77. Chinese Breakfast

“Even though many hotels have full breakfast buffets in the morning,” explained Mr. Li, a Chinese tourist staying at a hotel in New York, “there just isn’t much for me – and I need food to start my day.” To cater to the appetite of Chinese tourists like Mr. Li, who are not used to Western food, some local hotels serve Chinese breakfast options, such as congee, fried noodles, dim sum, soy milk, etc. Often times a full Chinese buffet is not necessary.

image88. Mandarin-Speaking Staff

Today, as independent Chinese tourists pour in, hoteliers are hiring more Mandarin-speaking employees. “Without Mandarin service, my parents won’t even know how to ask for housekeeping,” said Na Jin, a Chinese student whose parents came to visit her in Boston, and she found them a hotel with a front desk agent that speaks Mandarin.

image99. Smoking Room

China has one of the world’s highest rates of smoking, with about 320 million people as regular smokers – that’s about ¼ of the world’s population of smokers. Some hoteliers complain that Chinese tourists smoke indoors while staying at their guestrooms. As a result, many local hotels add information about smoking rooms or information about smoking areas outside the hotel.

image1110. Minibar Cup Noodles

Chinese tourists usually bring instant cup noodles when traveling abroad in case Western food doesn’t fit their appetite. “I went back to my hotel very late one night during my trip in Miami,” said Huan Liu, a Chinese businessman traveling to the states. “I was so hungry and exhausted, and I really wanted a cup of instant noodles… this is offered by every hotel in China.”

aigo DC-V72811. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

A disposable toothbrush, along with toothpaste, is another essential hotel amenity for Chinese tourists. Even small hotels in China offer their guests complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste, so Chinese tourists never carry it with them when they travel.