Accept UnionPay, Capture a new Market and Increase Your Revenue!

Economists estimate that by 2015, China will surpass the U.S. Gross National Product (GNP) to become the world’s largest economy. This enormous growth is coming from a booming consumer economy and a meteoric rise in China’s middle class. UnionPay is the predominant card brand used by Chinese consumers and the world.  Surpassing VISA, more than 3 billion UnionPay cards have been issued to 750 million cardholders around the globe. Of all the cards issued in the world today, about half are UnionPay cards. They are accepted in more than 138 countries, and the  number is growing. UnionPay is now eager and ready to expand into the United States and we have made that possible through Travel Payments Direct. Travel Payments Direct has now unleashed the flexibility of its systems to support UnionPay card acceptance for U.S. merchants. Creating added value for our merchant base through new customers and revenue is Travel Payments Direct’s mission. Travel Payments Direct is now positioning U.S. merchants to accept the UnionPay card type; a familiar, trusted and preferred payment method for the Chinese consumer. Travel Payments Direct allows UnionPay cardholders to buy directly from authorized merchants. Begin accepting UnionPay now to capitalize on this opportunity.

The number of Chinese visitors coming to the United States will more than triple by 2020, according to a new report from brokerage CLSA. The new wave will include a confident, more travel-savvy Chinese tourist that is willing to bridge out from traditional vacation spots like Hong Kong and Macau.


 More than 17% of experienced Chinese travelers ranked the U.S. as their top vacation choice if money was no object — higher than any other destination. For first time travelers, the U.S. is the second most popular vacation spot.

“It’s all about bragging rights for Chinese tourists these days,” said Aaron Fischer, an analyst at CLSA.

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