Acceptance Details

Travel Payments Direct’s current UnionPay Online Payments (UPOP) Acceptance Boundaries:

American Continent, Europe & Australia (with initial focus in USA)

AUTH & Settle Currencies:

Transaction Authorizations Settlement Currencies
USD (United States Dollar) USD (United States Dollar)
CAD (Canadian Dollar) CAD (Canadian Dollar)
Euro Euro
GBP (British Pound) GBP (British Pound)

Note: * U.S. based merchants can display their cost for services online in USD. The numerical system is a universal language. The Chinese are accustomed to checking the daily Foreign Exchange Rate (FX) and understand the conversion application.

Transaction Ticket Sizes:

Spending limits credit or debit cards are set by China issuing banks. Cardholders are aware of their ceiling limitations when purchasing online.

Transaction Types Supported:

Purchases (Sale), Purchase Cancellations, Refunds/Credits/Adjustments, Pre-Authorizations (available in 2014 and reserved for certain merchant types such as the Hotel industry), Pre-Authorization Cancellations (available in 2014 and reserved for certain merchant types such as the Hotel industry).

Fraud Liability Risk:

None. Currently, UnionPay maintains all transactional fraud liability due to the fact that cardholder data is captured on the UPOP switch; the only exclusion occurs within a recurring environment causing Travel Payments Direct to capture the data.

CNP Chargeback Risk:

Since the inception of UPOP in 2011, UnionPay claims that chargebacks have been nil due to their two step SMS Veri-code validation process and character/numeric verification systems; however adjustments/refunds and credits still exist. Please refer to our payment flow diagram to view these steps as required by cardholders.


Travel Payments Direct maintains 100% liability with UnionPay. Accordingly, Travel Payments Direct maintains the right to establish merchant reserves. The decision, structure, and requirements of reserves are decided in the underwriting process or at any time during the term of the agreement.

PCI Compliance:

non-issue (cardholder data is never captured by the merchant’s servers. The data remains within the UPOP system).

FX Transaction Models:

Approved on a case-by-case basis.

Prohibited Merchant Types:

Unacceptable merchant types include, but not limited, to Adult, Gambling, Arms & Munitions, and Day-trading. Note: (Travel Payments Direct/UnionPay reserves the right to modify acceptance criteria at any time).

Contact Travel Payments Direct at or (800) 261-7346