Business Modeling Factors

Clearing the Language Barrier

Merchants should modify their websites to include a translation for simplified Chinese. This can be done by creating partial page(s) or by translating your entire site.

To view a sample, simply click on the Chinese flag in the upper right-hand corner of the landing page. The English text will be translated to Simplified Chinese. Click on the US flag to change back to English.

Travel Payments Direct can recommend professionals in China to do a translation that’s far more accurate than a computer program.

Shipping– Procurement – Fulfillment

US merchants currently established in China are likely to have shipping-procurement-fulfillment already in place. For US merchants needing assistance, Travel Payments Direct has a short list of reputable and highly experienced international carriers for shipping product from the U.S. to China.

Merchants are responsible at their sole discretion for negotiating contractual terms and conditions independent of Travel Payments Direct. We simply provide options for you, but you are welcome to seek out your own sources. In either case, carriers with international shipping expertise are often integrated with a merchant’s shopping cart to appear seamless.

Contact TPD  at or (800) 261-7346