Marketing Support in China for Merchants Accepting UnionPay

Marketing Support for Merchants Accepting UnionPay

DRIVING Sales through Travel Payments Direct’s Cardholder Awareness Initiatives

Travel Payments Direct (“TPD”) is a technology centric Merchant Marketing and Processing Services Company having established a direct UnionPay alliance in China to promote and support UnionPay Online Payments (UPOP) and UnionPay Offline (card-swipe) services.

TPD has established a proprietary payment switch into China to effectively set-up online U.S. merchants (e.g., Hotels), to accept the UnionPay card, authorize & settle UPOP transactions, and receive online reporting of all transactional details. Our UnionPay Offline program will allow Chinese guests to present their UnionPay card at (e.g., hotels) when checking in and for merchant to accept the UnionPay card at the point of sale, either for incidentals at the check in, or other purchases throughout the property during their stay.

Whether online or offline, all UnionPay transactions are authorized and settled directly within China; not through a domestic competing Card Brand having multiple layers (such as principal bank members, third party processors and independent merchant service providers) that only increase complexities and costs.

Everybody knows that driving sales takes visibility and awareness. For the UnionPay card, we are uniquely positioned to secure cardholder awareness programs to UnionPay Cardholders to do just that.

From an Offline perspective, TPD, in collaboration with its UnionPay affiliates in China, have instituted a loyalty/rewards/discount program. It is one thing to create cardholder awareness and visibility in China; it’s another to drive traffic to the hotel property.  Merchants opting in would provide a discount incentive to UnionPay cardholder’s essentially steering traffic directly to them. The incentive program can only be achieved at the POS system configured to handle the accounting and tracking functionality to the cardholder and all parties within the chain. Travel Payments Direct is currently exclusively offering this service.

Some of the programs that may available to our Travel Payments Direct merchants are:

  1. SMS text messaging to all 750 million UnionPay cardholders
  2. Bank statement inserts to cardholders
  3. BBS (Twitter type service)
  4. WEIBO (Twitter type service)
  5. Pay-Per-Click
  6. Online Ads







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