UnionPay Statistics

unionpay_cardUnionPay Facts and Statistics

  • Established March, 2002 by the People’s Republic of China1.
  • China’s only card brand1.
  • Shareholder financial service institution invested in by over 80 domestic China banks1.
  • 750+ million UnionPay cardholders2
  • 3.2 billion cards issued (mostly in China)2
  • More than 50% of new cards issued globally are UnionPay cards3 & 4
  • UnionPay is accepted in more than 125 countries and the number is growing every day& 6
  • UnionPay has more than 400 participating bank members7
  • Year-ending 2011, Chinese ecommerce payment market reached a value of 2203.8 billion RMB1.
  • Year-ending 2011, 547 million internet users in China1.
  • Year-ending 2011, 174 million shop online, with a high annual growth of 48.6%1.
  • 22 million shopping online and payment online cross-border1.
  • Cross-border (online transaction volume outside of China) 26.1 billion RMB at the end of 2011 and 50 billion RMB is conservatively estimated by year end 20121.
  • UnionPay has an $11.3 billion enterprise dollar value (according to a Reuters Report July 2011) and is backed by the China government1.

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